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“Tous en cuisine” by Cyril Lignac: ingredients and utensils for the recipes of May 19th


“Tous en cuisine” by Cyril Lignac: ingredients and utensils for the recipes of May 19th

To have a good time in front of the stove, you can always count on Cyril Lignac, the unavoidable chef of the M6 chain, who offers us delicious recipes every night when the restaurants are closed due to coronavirus.

If you love to cook, the show “Tous en cuisine” is the perfect opportunity to impress your family with your culinary talents, as long as you have everything you need in your kitchen and refrigerator. If there’s something missing from your kitchen, you can opt for second-hand utensils that you can easily find on the sites for sale.

Since the beginning of its broadcast in March, the program has gathered a large number of viewers, to the great surprise of Cyril Lignac himself. Despite the disconfinement that took place yesterday, Monday, May 11, the French were still able to find their favorite cook tonight.

This Tuesday, May 12, Chef Lignac created two different recipes with Olivier Giroud: spicy roast chicken bricks with feta as a main course, and a bergamot baked pineapple confit for dessert. If you were unable to attend the show when it aired, there are multiple ways to watch the replay.If you couldn’t watch the show when it aired, there are many ways to watch the replay: you can find all the steps of the recipes on M6’s Instagram account, but also on Cyril Lignac’s Facebook account, and in the worst case, don’t forget that in a few weeks, the chef will be releasing a book entitled “Fait Maison”, with the 45 best recipes from the show.

Spicy Roast Chicken and Feta Bricks

For this recipe for 4 people, you need the following ingredients:

As for utensils, you must have in your kitchen:

Oven-roasted pineapple confit with bergamot

For 4 people, you need these ingredients:

For the utensils, you must have:

The “Tous en cuisine” program is extended beyond containment

In an attempt to help the French people live better in their confinement, television channels have adapted, as have public figures: while some have even created programs using their Instagram account, such as the director of the Miss France company, Sylvie Tellier, others have decided to launch a brand new program from the comfort of their own homes.Like Camille Combal, who has seen himself at the helm of a brand new version of “Who Wants to Make Millions”, Cyril Lignac has decided to offer what he does best, a cooking show.

Unfortunately for fans of the show, it was never intended to be a definitive show, at least that’s what Cyril Lignac said recently!

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