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“Tous en cuisine” by Cyril Lignac: ingredients and utensils for the recipes of May 19th

Find kitchen utensils for a new home

Are you planning to change your kitchen, or have you spotted a house for sale , which is a good thing, because you are considering buying a second home, and you are already thinking about your new kitchen?

The term kitchen utensils is a generic term that encompasses many products. Regardless of their number, these items play an essential role in the kitchen, whether at home or in a professional kitchen.
Of course, it is not necessary to buy all the kitchen utensils available on the market, even the space in the cupboards of the largest kitchen will be limited. So, as with everything else, you need to determine what you really need before you think about buying. Every detail counts to create the perfect dish - the quality of the ingredients, the recipe, the cook and, of course, the tools used.

Plan before you buy
We all made the mistake of buying kitchen utensils we didn't really need. Before you consider buying a cheese grater, a mashed potato masher, or a meat hammer, plan the menu in a restaurant with the chef and the head chef to find out which utensils will be needed to create the dishes on the menu.

Choosing basic kitchen utensils
Good quality kitchen equipment will last a long time. It is therefore a good idea to invest in this equipment.

Purchasing basic items
First buy the basic kitchen utensils. This will give you enough money to buy good quality utensils. Once you've decided which professional kitchen utensils you need, decide how much you need. The best way to determine this is to take into account the number of times you will be preparing a dish a day.

Kitchen utensil materials
Once you have determined the utensils needed for cooking, you must choose the material from which they are made. Not all materials are suitable for all uses.

Wooden utensils
Wooden utensils are ideal for salads or cutting boards. Wooden kitchen utensils are mainly used for mixing and serving food and are ideal for meats and rice.

Plastic utensils
Plastic utensils are useful because they are light and easy to use. However, most of them are not resistant to high temperatures. It is therefore preferable to use them to serve food and not to prepare it. Spatulas and spoons are the most popular plastic utensils.

Stainless steel utensils
Where durability is an important factor, use stainless steel utensils. Metal utensils are ideal because they do not melt and last a very long time. Other accessories, such as measuring spoons, are ideal in stainless steel for their durability. Stainless steel remains one of the favourite materials of cooks and restaurateurs.

Avoid poor quality
You can't go on buying back kitchen accessories indefinitely because they are of poor quality and because most of the kitchen utensils and articles sold in supermarkets are of poor quality. It's easy to find all sorts of quality products on the internet that will last for years, or even for some, all your life. However, be careful to select your shopping sites carefully, because if you go to discount kitchenware retailers with very low prices, you will also have to change them regularly.

Which sites to trust
How can you find the addresses of kitchen shops to equip yourself? Here again, trust the well-established brands that offer well-known brands in the world of gastronomy. These sites offer quality articles and a wide choice in each range. Favour noble materials such as, for example, stainless steel which never wears out or quality silicone which is recognisable by its robustness and its greater weight than that found in supermarkets.

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